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Research news releases:

Faculty research profiles:

Big BIRC on CampusCover feature article published in Spring 2007 about UGA's Bio-Imaging Research Center for ugareasearch magazine, a publication of the UGA Office of the Vice President for Research.

UGA Health Sciences newsletter was created in Fall 2002 to share the news, upcoming events, and activities of UGA faculty and students involved in biomedical and health sciences across campus. It was published each semester and distributed to faculty members and stakeholders until Spring 2010, when it was replaced with the BHSI website blog.
Archived copy of Spring 2010 issue.

The University of Georgia
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A selection of specific pieces written for various outlets at the University of Georgia. These include:

  • four recent research releases;
  • two faculty research profiles;
  • a cover story published in ugaresearch magazine;
  • an issue of the BHSI Newsletter, UGA Health Sciences.